Spring Break – Internship – College

So far, Spring Break has been a ray of sunshine in my normally rainy outlook on life. Nothing makes a person more relaxed than being able to control when they wake up and when they go to bed, except maybe drugs. But drugs are considered a no-no according to the law so, again, I emphasize, spring break is great. I do hope I can be productive and start my homework early. Thus far, my motivation has been dwindling. I’m willing for time to slow down. But, I’d like to say I’m not completely responsible for the disappearance of my normally hardcore work ethic. It’s not like I’ve been sitting at home and just blatantly ignoring all the papers set in front of me. I have genuinely been out and about. Socially speaking, I’ve been very active which I suppose explains why academically, I have not. But that’s no excuse. It’s worth it though considering the very nice weather we’ve been getting around here lately. I’m going to go ahead and get started on my list now.

I wrote my cover letter and resume for the internship. Feeling accomplished? Very. But how good is it truly? No clue. With no experience, and very little time to ask someone to proofread it for me, I’m conflicted about the quality of my writing. Questions stream through my brain like: Is it too casual? Do my jokes make me seem like a try-hard? Should there be comedic content at all? The only assistance I’ve had with writing my cover letter and resume is through examples and outlines from the internet, thank god. But besides those, I’m basically poking around blind and hoping I don’t fall off the edge/ let my amateurism show.

Today, I visited a rather renowned university in my area. Like most school tours, this consisted of an information session as well as a tour of the campus. What first seemed like an innocent endeavor turned out really serious and stressful very fast. It got me thinking about the college application process and the SATs/ ACTs and my GPA and all I could focus on was whether or not I was good enough. I suppose all upperclassman have gone through this worrying phase but it’s all the more surreal when you’re experiencing it yourself. Nevertheless, it was a refreshing experience. I could imagine it being my new home away from home. But then again, this was my first college visit so who knows if this is just a shiny new rock to me.


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