Zootopia – Stop Procrastinating – Hypocrites

Lord help me, I’m writing about an animated film I watched today. In my defense, the movie spoke volumes about today’s society and its discrimination and stereotypes by having simply two groups, “predator” and “prey”. The cute animals in the movie were just an added bonus to the serious message this movie sends to many young impressionable minds. I love cartoons a lot. As a kid, watching a cartoon, its message isn’t necessarily received. But, I’m a big girl now. And I see and hear every joke, snip, and point. I also find that I’m a lot more emotional attached to animated characters than actual people. When a bunny cries, I feel it in my soul. When a person cries, I question their acting. Does that make sense at all? Is it relatable at all?

This is a note to self to please stop with your procrastination. It’s ruining your life. Every week, you dread the upcoming Sunday because it’s when you have to gather yourself and do all your homework in one breath. This use to be a reasonable option but no more. You don’t seem to have the self-discipline to do work until it’s absolutely due. Your brain has been a mushed up goop lately. If you keep this up, you’ll look like a true relative to the local panda at the zoo. Please stop before it’s too late.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m surrounded by hypocrites. Bunches of people with double standards who think the world revolves around them or at least doesn’t care for those around them. Sometimes, I feel like it’s my fault for being distant and withdrawn from people. But then I interact with said people and I realize that my actions are actually justified reactions. I think I’d go crazy if people who I really care about, friends who I’m really invested in are liars. Up to this point, I have not met the right person.


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