I’ve got important advice that everyone should heed to. DO NOT buy products off the internet using your credit card without knowing the true legitimacy of the company. DO NOT be tempted by promises of “free trials” or boastful reviews because it’s likely to be a lie.

I have a specific company in mind as I’m writing this. The Beauty and Truth Company is NOT to be trusted. It offers a free trial with the request that you simply pay the shipping fee. But then it comes back to bite you in the butt as it saves your credit card information and continues to charge from its monthly. Let me add that this is no minimal, brush-off-your-shoulder, baby charge. I’m talking nearly $200. That’s well over $1000 a year.

I have no comment on whether the product is truly as miraculous as it claims to be. I only know that even if it were, it would still not be worth the monthly charges.

Even more infuriating is how the company tries to trap you into staying with it. They don’t allow you to cancel a “subscription” or “membership” online but rather over the phone. When I called to demand that the company stop making me auto pay monthly and for a refund, they started shooting useless questions at me about how I thought the product was and why I decided to stop using it. After which they began to urge me to keep using the product and bribing me with discounts. This was frustrating after some time seeing as it took way longer than it should have.

I then settled with the person on the phone that I would no longer be charged, that products would no longer be sent, and that I would be getting a refund.  Funny thing is, a month later, I received a bill that charged me for SOME MORE of their products even thought I had cancelled and I received NOTHING.

Save yourself the headache and the heartburn. DO NOT try to take advantage of “free trial” items unless you’re confident about the company’s legitimacy. Often times than not, it’s a scam and it’s basically guaranteed that you will not receive compensation.  The only thing you may walk away with is a lesson learned and a more cynical view of the world.


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