Motivation – New Home – College Essays

Running head-first into May may lead to tragic results, somewhat similar to running through 5 day old mud. Dragging my feet, head held down, I’m so overwhelmed by all that I have to do that I can’t seem to find it in me to take the first step. I like to think that I do well under pressure. But that doesn’t make it any easier or less stressful. I have 5 classes that I have to relearn and review for and none of them are a cake-walk. To stay motivated, I watch other people struggle with schoolwork on YouTube, and read tweets by late-night owls doing homework. It usually makes me feel better, more motivated. If it were a pill, I’d take it.


I’m moving temporarily to a new home. I’m actually sharing it with a lot of other people. I just need a change in atmosphere to keep myself focused. I’ve heard very good reviews about this place. Apparently it’s a good place to stay on track. As the French say, <<la bibliothèque est un très bon endroit pour étudier ». Thank goodness French is not one of the exams I have to study for. But yes, I’m moving to the library for a couple days this week. In addition, over the weekend, I’ll probably be spending my birthday there as well. What can I say? I’m studious seventeen.


I’ve been on a college grind lately. After having been to many workshops and hearing about the difficulties of college application, I’ve decided that I must start soon to prevent heartache/ brain ache/ body ache later on. There are many aspects of college application that take a very long time. The most obvious would be the college application itself which asks for an overwhelming amount of information that I didn’t even know about myself. In addition, branching from the application are the essays. The various amounts of topics that have to be interesting, unique, and display your strengths and humility at the same time. The hardest part of this all? Getting started. Hopefully I’ll be very productive this summer.


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