Running – Blending – Finding Dory

One of the things I’m trying to consistently do this summer is run. This appears to be a difficult habit to maintain for obvious reasons. I’ve planned to work out for 2 hours a day Monday through Friday. This is a lot for me. Time is not a problem but the weather is. I love summer because I love the heat. But when you’re running, you overheat. It’s too hot, too sunny, too sweaty. I made a resolution to wake up early in the morning to avoid the harsh sun but this is also difficult because I’ve started sleeping later again. Of course commitment is also difficult. I, like many other humans find running to be a hard chore. To build endurance can take weeks which strains my need for instant gratification. I’m going to try to run in the evening instead in hopes of a milder sun and less reluctance. I’ve done my research which says according to our circadian rhythm, running around 4-5 PM allows for optimal performance.


I’ve recently whipped out my blender. It’s become a very important aspect of my summer. Buying drinks outside is taking a toll on my wallet and making your own smoothies and juices is much healthier, more fun, and open-ended. I really enjoy making pina coladas, my favorite drink. I’ve also enjoyed making watermelon smoothies. Home-made smoothies are a great breakfast as they’re filling and nutritious. I’m probably having way more fun than I should with my blender. Looking for recipes online is an adventure, the drink is the treasure.


I’ve waiting for the Finding Nemo sequel for a very long time. So long in fact, that when it finally came out, I was nowhere near as excited as I should have been. Some comments, baby dory is adorably vulnerable. I found her backstory endearing. A lot of old characters meet a lot of new characters. The plot is somewhat symmetrical to that of Nemo’s. The moral of the story: if fish had cellphones, life would be easier. And of course: Just keep swimming.


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