New York – Summer – College Apps

New York was one of my impromptu vacations. It was also a childhood favorite spot. I love how it’s so different from where I live. The city is exciting. It’s accessible and it’s fast-paced. All things that little 7 year old me loved. Going back after so many years has brought back many pleasant memories but I’ve also noticed a change of perspective. The food is great: unique and easily accessible. The traffic is horrid. I can’t imagine driving there every day and surviving. On a tangent, parking is equally as terrifying. There’s parallel parking, something I’ve never attempted much less mastered. There’s parking lot parking which actually costs an arm and a leg. There’s public transportation, buses and metros. But I have no clue how to do those either. To me, New York is a scary and foreign but exciting and vibrant land. The verdict is, it’s a good place to visit but not to stay.


Summer has been flying by so quickly. I’ve loved every moment of it and I’m sad to see it slip away. There’s still so many things to do and so many people to see. I’m still trying to make up for the sleep deprivation I’ve accumulated from the school year. This summer has been so satisfying because it’s been so balanced. I’ve done some school work, had some friend fun, had some family fun, travelled a bit, worked a bit, relaxed a bit, it’s been good. I don’t want it to end. Thinking about going back to school is giving me a mini panic attack. That building instills stress and sadness. One more school year, 8 more months, I can do this.


College is currently contributing to about 85% of my stress. Granted it’s summer and there’s not many school work stressors but the pressure of junior year summer, like junior year, is heavy and armed, at least more so than previous summers. I’m worrying about taking standardized tests for the final time, financial aids, college essays and applications, summer work, actual work, and all while having a good time. I strive to run a tight ship but things get chaotic sometimes and I get tired and just want to lay down on the ol’ reliable couch and watch some classic cartoons while eating comfort food. It doesn’t help that I’ve met with a counselor recently and have found out that although I’m “good”, I’m not quite “great” in the eyes of many colleges. And though I’m better than most, I’m not at the top either. Talk about a back-handed compliment. Basically, what I once considered to be a safety school, is now just a regular school that I may or may not actually get in. What a disappointing slap in the face. Wakey wakey, we’re in the cut-throat world now.