Summer Reading – Senior Year – Goodbyes

The most dreaded part of every student’s summer is summer reading. I enjoy reading, except when a book is forced on me and an assignment is tacked into the equation. I’ve tried my best to space things out and get my work done but I’ve failed. I’m looking the school year in the face as there is only 3 more days of freedom left and I still have a book to read. It hurts to think about.


The long-awaited senior year is upon me. I’ve waited 17 years for graduation and it is just 10 months away. On the other hand, I still have to suffer through 10 more months. Dealing with teachers and drama and homework is going to be a challenge. But there are so many aspects of 12th grade that I’m looking forward to experiencing. I hope to do it all. I’ll be at football games. I’ll be at soccer games. I’ll be at basketball games. I’ll be at homecoming. I’ll be at prom. I’ll be participating in spirit week and making the most of everything. I want to end my 4 years in high school with a lot of positivity and happiness.


Saying goodbye to the Class of ’16 is difficult. On one hand, I am so proud of them. I’m so excited for them and I just know that they’ll be successful in life. I think it hits close to home because I’m nearly there. Without a doubt, I’ll be sobbing when the time comes. It makes my heart swell with so much happiness that tears get squeezed out of my eyes. But it’ll be okay because I’ll visit, they’ll visit, and we’ll all be okay.


Rio – Maladies – Athletes

No event makes me want to jump out of bed, off my couch, and out the door to the track or local pool faster than the Olympics. Michael Phelps has been a hero to kids across America since 2008. Katie Ledecky, young humble lady who’s also made her way into the hearts of many. Usain Bolt, fastest man in the world, quick as lightning, fan-favorite. What do they all have in common? They’re record-breakers. They’re inspirations. They’re my aspirations. This month long marathon for athletes around the round is one of my favorite times of the year and it only comes once every 4 years so of course I have to talk about it. These people are superhuman. They’re not just athletes but performers. They make it look easy. Physically appealing and very charismatic, people I’d very much like to meet. This is why I’d like to go to the Olympics one day. Not to compete of course, I would crack under that pressure. But to watch these people live.


I’ve caught a bug upon returning from Florida. I think I got it from my mom. It’s been going on for about 4 days now. I think I actually prefer being sick in the summer over the winter. I feel less horrible because I’m not as cold. Oh how I dread the cold. But here’s my question. Should one go to work when they’re sick? Ignoring how you personally feel. Obviously if you can barely walk or having a major migraine, you wouldn’t be much use to anyone. But I’m saying if you feel alright but sound and look terrible. What about that? Should you still go in? When I think about this, I would come up with no. I don’t know if I’m biased, being an employee and all. But I feel like if there’s a chance you can infect others, you should stay away if you can. It can’t feel good to be around people that are constantly sneezing, blowing their nose, and wheezing after every cough especially when you’re in the restaurant business. I’m just imagining how some customers may catch me in the middle of a coughing fit and lose their appetite and confidence in the restaurant. But then you’re hanging your coworkers out to dry because they’ll be a man short and extremely overwhelmed. Either way, you’re the bad guy. Don’t get sick.


Continuing with the previous topic on Rio, I’ve made a small observation about competitive renowned sports events. We all have favored athletes and they tend to be the most popular athletes. It’s sort of a band-wagon effect. You hear about them, you watch them, they win the event and your heart. But what about the other guys? We think “oh he got 8th place, he sucks.” That is ridiculous and I feel ridiculous having to say this. But I’m just as guilty of ignorance sometimes. The fact that you simply make the Olympic team is a feat on its own. Sometimes, in our competitive mindsets we seem to overlook this. It makes me a little sore for the less known athletes. All athletes are great. They’ve all put in hard work that other people wouldn’t. At the Olympic level however, I think it’s more about talent than hard work.

Strangers – Senior year – Summer Reading

I’ve recently found that I’m a lot more comfortable around strangers than I am around people I always see. To be clear, I mean strangers in a sense where, I know you but we don’t talk all the time or necessarily see each other all the time. I’m not anti-social, but I would prefer seeing a person once a week over every day. I like personal space and variety. When you spend large amounts of time with people, flaws surface quickly, and one might find their temper surfacing quickly as well. People aren’t always horrible. They’re a great source of laughter and communication but I find that having quiet time to regroup and think to myself makes me the happiest.


The month of August is coming to a fast close. I am anxious. I feel like there’s a million things on my plate which only makes me want to laze around more. It’s a stressful time. So much so that I am actually not excited at all for the oncoming year. I really wish I could close my eyes and have the year fly by. I really do. Junior year was something like that, I was so busy with all the work I had to do that the year flew by in a blink of an eye. I’m really looking forward to graduation. No, I’m really looking forward to the last day of senior year. Most importantly, I’m sick of my school. I’m ready for a change.


Summer reading haunts me every year. I’m supposed to read 2 books. I’ve read about 1/3 of one book so far. School starts in 17 days. Do you see my predicament? The worst part? The book I’m reading right now sucks. It’s got my attention, I’m understanding what I’m reading. I just don’t like the content. “How to Read Literature like a Professor” is the mouthful of a title. Basically, it describes why authors do what they do. I suppose it puts a spin on finding “metaphors” and “allusions”. Let me just say, you’re not reading anything you don’t already know. This wouldn’t be a horrible book if it didn’t reference so many others. Half of the book quotes other “well-known” books. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t read all these “well-known” books so I’m not really getting the connections and it makes me kind of angry to know that I may be missing out on witty material because I have no idea what or who the author is quoting. On top of this, I have to read a couple of miscellaneous poems. They’re strange. I don’t like to say this often because I like to think that all education serves purpose. But really, when is annotating an 18th century poem every going to be a useful skill for me?

Foodie – Sleep – Florida

Until recently, I didn’t really understand peoples’ love for beautiful food. I always thought: “food is food, it doesn’t matter if it looks good, just that it tastes good”. But boy is it nice when you’re able to photograph an aesthetically pleasing meal for snapchat and enjoy it afterwards too. I’ve made this revelation after visiting New York. The food there is definitely more beautiful which I think simultaneously tricks our brains into thinking it tastes better too. There’s just so many options, so much variety. Returning home has been somewhat sad, I’m back to my limited options. But I feel like this is because I don’t take it upon myself to branch out and try new restaurants. This summer, one of my goals is to try new things more often.


I find it a little ironic how even now, in the summer, I still don’t get nearly as much sleep as I should. And when I do get my 10 hours, I still feel restless. Most of it is my own fault for not having more self-control, however, knowing that I can watch cartoons till late at night without consequences in the morning is a powerful feeling. That is, until it basically becomes my new routine to sleep at 1am and wake up at 11 pm. But wait, that wouldn’t even be the worst thing in the world… unless I come to face the fact that I have to wake up at 7 am the next day and have no way of falling asleep at 9pm. I was a lot more proactive in the beginning of the summer. I worked out nearly every day and now I struggle to do it once a week. My energy levels have just plummeted after I returned from my brief vacation. Nothing was the same. I will be going on another vacation, this time for 7 days so I’ll need all the luck I can get upon my return.


I’ve ventured into the southern-most state of the United States: Florida. A few choice words to describe my trip: hot, tiring, and fun. If you like the heat, Florida will rarely fail to please, especially in the summer. Rain, though is frequent, does not last a long duration. In fact, a 10 minute rain check is just what the doctor ordered on a sizzling sunny day. I’m young so I can take long Florida days head on. But I would strongly advise against vigorous activity for slightly more out of shape people. A week-long vacation can quickly turn into a week-long countdown from hell within a few hours. WATER is life and without it, you will dry up faster than the child of a raisin and beef jerky. Water should be the top priority. I recommend buying a pack of it once you get to your destination and just bring some with you everywhere because it is not cheap. Trips like these are fun and spontaneous. After all, we’re explorers in a foreign land, oblivious of what’s to come. Every time I travel, I look forward to my next tri