Foodie – Sleep – Florida

Until recently, I didn’t really understand peoples’ love for beautiful food. I always thought: “food is food, it doesn’t matter if it looks good, just that it tastes good”. But boy is it nice when you’re able to photograph an aesthetically pleasing meal for snapchat and enjoy it afterwards too. I’ve made this revelation after visiting New York. The food there is definitely more beautiful which I think simultaneously tricks our brains into thinking it tastes better too. There’s just so many options, so much variety. Returning home has been somewhat sad, I’m back to my limited options. But I feel like this is because I don’t take it upon myself to branch out and try new restaurants. This summer, one of my goals is to try new things more often.


I find it a little ironic how even now, in the summer, I still don’t get nearly as much sleep as I should. And when I do get my 10 hours, I still feel restless. Most of it is my own fault for not having more self-control, however, knowing that I can watch cartoons till late at night without consequences in the morning is a powerful feeling. That is, until it basically becomes my new routine to sleep at 1am and wake up at 11 pm. But wait, that wouldn’t even be the worst thing in the world… unless I come to face the fact that I have to wake up at 7 am the next day and have no way of falling asleep at 9pm. I was a lot more proactive in the beginning of the summer. I worked out nearly every day and now I struggle to do it once a week. My energy levels have just plummeted after I returned from my brief vacation. Nothing was the same. I will be going on another vacation, this time for 7 days so I’ll need all the luck I can get upon my return.


I’ve ventured into the southern-most state of the United States: Florida. A few choice words to describe my trip: hot, tiring, and fun. If you like the heat, Florida will rarely fail to please, especially in the summer. Rain, though is frequent, does not last a long duration. In fact, a 10 minute rain check is just what the doctor ordered on a sizzling sunny day. I’m young so I can take long Florida days head on. But I would strongly advise against vigorous activity for slightly more out of shape people. A week-long vacation can quickly turn into a week-long countdown from hell within a few hours. WATER is life and without it, you will dry up faster than the child of a raisin and beef jerky. Water should be the top priority. I recommend buying a pack of it once you get to your destination and just bring some with you everywhere because it is not cheap. Trips like these are fun and spontaneous. After all, we’re explorers in a foreign land, oblivious of what’s to come. Every time I travel, I look forward to my next tri


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