Strangers – Senior year – Summer Reading

I’ve recently found that I’m a lot more comfortable around strangers than I am around people I always see. To be clear, I mean strangers in a sense where, I know you but we don’t talk all the time or necessarily see each other all the time. I’m not anti-social, but I would prefer seeing a person once a week over every day. I like personal space and variety. When you spend large amounts of time with people, flaws surface quickly, and one might find their temper surfacing quickly as well. People aren’t always horrible. They’re a great source of laughter and communication but I find that having quiet time to regroup and think to myself makes me the happiest.


The month of August is coming to a fast close. I am anxious. I feel like there’s a million things on my plate which only makes me want to laze around more. It’s a stressful time. So much so that I am actually not excited at all for the oncoming year. I really wish I could close my eyes and have the year fly by. I really do. Junior year was something like that, I was so busy with all the work I had to do that the year flew by in a blink of an eye. I’m really looking forward to graduation. No, I’m really looking forward to the last day of senior year. Most importantly, I’m sick of my school. I’m ready for a change.


Summer reading haunts me every year. I’m supposed to read 2 books. I’ve read about 1/3 of one book so far. School starts in 17 days. Do you see my predicament? The worst part? The book I’m reading right now sucks. It’s got my attention, I’m understanding what I’m reading. I just don’t like the content. “How to Read Literature like a Professor” is the mouthful of a title. Basically, it describes why authors do what they do. I suppose it puts a spin on finding “metaphors” and “allusions”. Let me just say, you’re not reading anything you don’t already know. This wouldn’t be a horrible book if it didn’t reference so many others. Half of the book quotes other “well-known” books. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t read all these “well-known” books so I’m not really getting the connections and it makes me kind of angry to know that I may be missing out on witty material because I have no idea what or who the author is quoting. On top of this, I have to read a couple of miscellaneous poems. They’re strange. I don’t like to say this often because I like to think that all education serves purpose. But really, when is annotating an 18th century poem every going to be a useful skill for me?


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