Summer Reading – Senior Year – Goodbyes

The most dreaded part of every student’s summer is summer reading. I enjoy reading, except when a book is forced on me and an assignment is tacked into the equation. I’ve tried my best to space things out and get my work done but I’ve failed. I’m looking the school year in the face as there is only 3 more days of freedom left and I still have a book to read. It hurts to think about.


The long-awaited senior year is upon me. I’ve waited 17 years for graduation and it is just 10 months away. On the other hand, I still have to suffer through 10 more months. Dealing with teachers and drama and homework is going to be a challenge. But there are so many aspects of 12th grade that I’m looking forward to experiencing. I hope to do it all. I’ll be at football games. I’ll be at soccer games. I’ll be at basketball games. I’ll be at homecoming. I’ll be at prom. I’ll be participating in spirit week and making the most of everything. I want to end my 4 years in high school with a lot of positivity and happiness.


Saying goodbye to the Class of ’16 is difficult. On one hand, I am so proud of them. I’m so excited for them and I just know that they’ll be successful in life. I think it hits close to home because I’m nearly there. Without a doubt, I’ll be sobbing when the time comes. It makes my heart swell with so much happiness that tears get squeezed out of my eyes. But it’ll be okay because I’ll visit, they’ll visit, and we’ll all be okay.


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