3 day weekends – Standardized Tests – Dealing with Loss

The next best thing to a 4 day weekend is a 3 day weekend. I wish I could find it in myself to finish my homework on Friday rather than Monday but somehow, something always comes up Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night. In the end, it’s just pain and regret on cold, lonely Monday nights. But let’s face facts, whether it’s a 2 day weekend, 3 day weekend, winter break, or summer break, it’s never enough.


Does anyone actually like taking standardized tests? I suppose maybe if you do well on them. If you score 2400s and 36s, perhaps this doesn’t apply. But still, sitting in a room for 4+ hours is not a fun experience. I’m getting old. Craning my neck over a paper for hours on end is going to give me serious neck pain for a couple days. AND THEN, I see that I had not scored nearly as well as I thought I should have. These tests can turn the most confident, capable students into self-doubting, insecure children. And this is not a false emotion because these test scores mean so much to colleges that they’re accounted for just as much as one’s GPA. There’s just a tiny difference. A GPA is accumulated and nurtured for years. A test score is maybe a 2 or 3 time occurrence. After each one, we hope that we’ve prevailed and exceeded our goals. But unfortunately more than not, we haven’t.


Everyone you know has touched your life on levels deeper than you know. Don’t ever take people for granted. Don’t ever neglect anyone. Don’t ever let anger or sadness build up. I would cry. I would crawl into my covers. I would sit under the shower. And I would just let go. I would sob silently when no one is watching. I would go for a run. I would run for a long time until the exhaustion takes over. Then, I would sleep a dreamless sleep. I would wake up with rested eyes and do it all over again. This is how I grieve. How do you grieve?



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