Dealing with Teachers – Senior Stresses – Halloween

We all know that one teacher that just always says the wrong thing and pushes the most irritable buttons. In an ideal world, students would be able to pick their educators and fire those they deem unworthy. Unfortunately in this universe, all we can do is deal with them. I’ll admit, being a teacher, especially a new teacher is very stressful. You try to follow protocol down to the needlepoint and you’re not sure if you care about your relationship with your students yet. I get it. Being a new teacher is like entering adolescence all over again. Some people transition more smoothly than others. Along the way, you’ll find a lot of rough patches. Although I understand how tough it is to be in their position, I’m still not likely to cut them a break. In the real world, expectations are put down for people. Each one is unique and there’s no promise of a warming period. You don’t have time to “break-in” the new position first or dip your toe in. The real world is a full on- head first dive. As a student, I have expectations placed upon me. No one is out here cutting me any breaks. My advice to people and teachers (who are people), is to just ride the wave rather than fight back. Experience and adaptation comes with time.


October is looming over me and casting its scary shadow for what seems to me to be the first time of my 17 years. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love how festive it is with a hint of scare. Come this year, it’s officially appropriately labeled the scariest month of the year because it’s time for me to start crunching out college applications. I don’t know if I’ll be okay. I don’t know if my teachers will care even the least that I’m going to be hair-pulling stressed this month. I just hope, for my own sake, that I can be proactive for the next 35 days.


I love Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday of all time. It’s strange because I don’t really celebrate it as tradition would have it. As a yungin, I went trick-o-treating and I wore costumes and it was a good time. Now, teenagers throw Halloween parties and go to haunted houses and ride hay-rides. I love it. I love the scare and the thrill but I also love the cute costumes. Oh, and of course I love the candy and the horror movies. In a way, Halloween is just like Christmas to me. You spend the holiday with your friends and family. It’s festive, in its own scary fashion. And you get lots of treats in the shape of candy corn and pumpkins. I’m not a big fan of fall but I do love Halloween.


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