Library – Feels – Should Have, Could Have


I love the library. One, it’s a very productive environment that enforces a strong work ethic. Two, it’s generally peaceful. Three, it’s got tons of books that you can read, FOR FREE! And bring home, FOR FREE! I like reading. If I had more free time, I would read more. Currently, I have a very good hold system going on with my local library that lets me seek out the books I want and place them on hold for future readings. I find that this makes me want to read more as I know that I have a limited time before I have to return the book. Overall, my library is one of my favorite and most frequented places right now.


The month of September has been very tough for me. I’ve experienced a lot of different emotions and life is not slowing down for me. Right now, I’d say I’m content. I’m content with the progress I’ve made, my relationships, and my feelings. If I could just ride this wave of bliss for a couple more months, I’d be very thankful.


I got some test scores back recently and I’m conflicted with them. I regret not giving myself more time to look into the test and to study and now it’s too late to retake them. The score did not hit my target, sorely I was off by one point. However, as I’m applying for colleges, I’m still proud of the work I’ve done. I’m grateful for all the things I do have to show which is why I’m satisfied even though in the back of my mind, I know I could’ve done better.


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