Essay Fever – Broken Computer – Hoodie Season

Pressure, heavy pressure, coming from above me, my left, my right, below, I’m trapped in a box made out of my own essays and I am running out of air. Deadlines are approaching at fast speeds and I’m losing my creativity flow. My writing is losing juice and although I’m cranking out essays on the daily, I’m concerned for their quality. Luckily, I have a nice English teacher who’s willing to read my essays and give feedback on them. But that can only help so much. Although she can fix all my grammar and punctuation errors, she can’t fix the content. My advice to the juniors out there: Start your essays over the summer.


As previously mentioned, I’ve been very stressed about college applications and essays. Recently, life has been twice as hard because my laptop was freaking out on me. My wifi kept turning off randomly on just my computer causing me to have to frequently turn it off and turn it back on. AND THEN, my bottom taskbar froze which basically kept me from going from chrome to word to whatever else. To top it all off, my electricity went out and it was freezing in my home and I wanted to do nothing but curl up in bed and watch movies. I just feel personally targeted at the moment because everything is going so, so wrong.


Where I am right now, the weather is awful. It is too cold for me to function properly. There’s a couple of parts that contribute to the awfulness of it all. Firstly, it’s usually about 40 degrees in the morning and 60 degrees in the afternoon. This has my body feeling super confused. And I don’t like it because I feel like I could get sick at any moment. Secondly, what happened to the in between? Did I just sleep through hoodie season or what? One day I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and next thing you know I had to break out the north face and the layers and the sweatpants.


Fall – Routine – You time

People always stress how much they love fall. I don’t love fall. I don’t even like fall. It marks the end of summer. I love summer. I love the warm weather and the shorts. If I have to wear a coat to go outside then I don’t want to go. Overall, fall just makes me feel lethargic. I just want to stay in my warm bed all day. It’s cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon and you just don’t know what to wear anymore. It also marks the beginning of school, another depressing subject. The one upside? Halloween is in October which is a fall month. That is the only thing I like about fall. I like candy and I like costumes. But otherwise, it’s a transitional season to winter whom I also dislike.


Establishing a routine is so good for you. Don’t ever let someone tell you that routines are boring or that they’re ruts. Having a productive and effective routine takes a person far in life. Over the summer, I’ve tried to establish a routine, but it was difficult because I didn’t have the necessary pressures that push me to enforce it. Now, with college apps looming over my shoulder, I have tons of pressure. Every day I find myself zipping through homework so I can spend a couple hours on college. I have a lot on my plate, but I don’t even mind because I feel so productive.


Being social is an imperative part of life. It’s necessary for normal day-to-day tasks. But it’s also super important to have you time. I love me time. I’m an introvert. I generally find more pleasure in being alone than with others. I do love spending time with friends and family, but not excessively. Being alone offers so much more liberation. You can literally do whatever you want without the opinions or inputs of others and sometimes that’s exactly what a person doesn’t need. I can watch TV. I can sleep. I can be productive and do homework. All without worrying about holding a conversation or even my own appearance. Solitude is the ultimate freedom from judgmental eyes.