Writer’s block – I love potatoes – I heart pinterest

It’s been a while. I’ve been suffering from writer’s block. The main reason is probably because all my creative juices are being sucked up by my college essays. I have a lot of making up to do for all the missing weeks. It will take a long time to make up for lost time and I may not even catch up. I’m thinking that I’ll do daily diaries for the month of December to help get myself back into the rhythm of journaling. I’m excited for it all!

Potatoes are my favorite vegetable. They taste so good that they shouldn’t even be put in the vegetable category. They’re also super versatile. My favorite form of the potato has got to be the fried version. I love me some salty, crispy fries. But lately I’ve been experimenting with other potato-based foods. We have the baked potato, the mashed potato, the sweet potato, the sweet potato fries, and of course, the hash browns! If I could eat one vegetable for the rest of my life, it would be the potato.

I think pinterest is an underrated social media platform. Much like the potato, pinterest is very versatile. But it doesn’t hold the same societal pressures as other more communicative social networks such as instagram or snapchat. At the moment, I’ve been very invested in the health category. I like looking up brief workouts that I can do in my free time. Other long-time favorites are ‘hair and beauty’ and ‘food’. Food especially during the holiday season because I’m always looking for new recipes and desserts to try out for the season.