Science Sux – Wrap Up – Three Weeks

I like to think that I can conquer any subject, topic, or course that high school can throw at me. Though it’s been difficult, I’ve managed to maintain a respectable grade in most of my classes, science being one of them. But what I’ve come to realize is that I have been jamming information into my brain, and crash memorizing information without actually retaining or “learning.” I had to come to this realization the hard way, and by myself. After taking an end-of-the-year exam, it was clear that I had only memorized information in depth when I needed it. By the time I’m supposed to regurgitate a year-long worth of topics, I find myself stuck and incapable. Take this as a lesson from me: don’t try to do last-minute crunching because it only leads to self-deception of what you’ve really retained in the long-term.

The first quarter of senior year has passed. This has been a really tough year for most of our class. With personal struggles, college applications, and vigorous classes, it’s no wonder that senioritis is such a prominent and common term. Now that we are approaching December, I’m happy to say that a large burden has been lifted off my chest. The majority of my apps have been submitted save for one. Now, we play the waiting game. The dreaded yet anticipated college acceptance notification is just a little ways away. It’s time for the home stretch and I’m eager to not let senioritis get the best of me by staying optimistic, energetic, and prepped.

We are approximately three weeks away from winter break. I am itching for it. I want snow and 2 hour delays and closings. I want to sleep for hours on end and then wake up and stay in my warm, comforting blankets. The 4-day Thanksgiving break gave me a taste of freedom and now I’m addicted. Without a doubt, these last three weeks will be torture: filled with tests, quizzes, and busy work.


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