One Week – Busy Bee – Anxious

There is 5 school days, and 6 regular days until winter break. I am eagerly awaiting its arrival while jittering in my seat because I have to quite a lot to accomplish by the end of this week. A common double-edged sword. I’m both eagerly awaiting its arrival and dreading the upcoming days up to it. And when it finally does arrive, I’m sure it’s going to pass by in a blink of an eye.

College season is unfortunately still looming and the forecast calls for rejections and disappointments. Sadly, I’m still in the midst of applying because I’m a last-minute renowned procrastinator. I’ve had a 2 week hiatus from my previous application and I’m definitely feeling more rejuvenated.

My heart tingles when I think about college applications. As I click on the box that says that my status has been updated, I feel small nerves, tiny tingles, but not the world-racking feeling I thought I would feel. For some reason, I have greater anxiety finding out my test scores than I do about finding out about my life for the next 4 years. It’s December. My last notification is in April. The time to make a decision is in May. Oh why is the collegiate fairy so cruel to us aspiring, doe-eyed teenagers.


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