Car Scratched – Resolutions – Grandma’s Tattoo

I had a dream that some no-good delinquent scratched my car, all the way around. My freshly-painted perfect baby. I didn’t wake up but my heart was beating so fast with fury. I think if I ever witnessed someone keying a car, I would fight them mercilessly. It doesn’t even have to be my car. Because how can someone be so cruel, heartless, and horrible? The car is innocent. No matter what horrible deeds I may have done to you, my car does not deserve the punishment. I think that was actually one of the worst nightmares I’ve ever had.

It’s the New Year and I’m super excited because it’s my grad year. This moment has been long awaited. Every year I have a few resolutions that I don’t exactly hold myself accountable for which is really bad. My problem is that I don’t write it down. But also, I don’t want to feel the defeat and sadness, others feel when they fall behind and quit on their goals. Instead, I’ve opted for a detailed Things To Do list. I’ve mainly used it to manage my upcoming college responsibilities but it’s made me feel so organized! I love making calendars which makes sense because they’re kind of like resolutions but with instant gratification. One of my goals is to actually keep a journal. I don’t call it a daily journal because that is way too much pressure for me. Instead, it’s more like a special memory holder. Only the important memories go in there. Going along with that theme, I’ve also gotten an app that keeps track of photos that I take. I take a photo everyday that I feel summarizes my day. I think it would be cool to look back on.

I had another dream that my grandma got a back tattoo. It was no delicate butterfly either. It was huge: so big that it took up her entire back. In my dream, I was like, “Grandma!” If you knew my grandma, you would be just as shocked. She’s pretty conservative. She didn’t exactly jump with excitement at my cartilage piercing. She would probably flip out if I ever got a tattoo. I thought this dream was super funny though. It changed my perspective a little bit. I love dreaming. If I dream, I know that I’m going to sleep restfully. I’m trying to document my dreams so that I could remember them because they can be so wildly creative and impressive. And sometimes, I’m a little psychic so… 😉


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