College – Chocolate – Trivia Crack

College is a super exciting time. There’s the new environment, the new community, the new sense of freedom in its purest form. People get so comfortable in high school. Seniors have gotten to know of everyone and have gotten to decide who to surround themselves with. College however means that its’ time to start the process over again. Once again, vulnerability seeps through. Stories and explanations have to be told over and over again. Personally, I love this part. It’s great meeting new people because there’s limitless topics to breech. I joined a college group chat recently and initially, I really liked the friendly environment. The chat really gave me an idea of what my prospective classmates could be like. All was going to well when suddenly, a group of boys joined the chat and starting saying rude and ignorant things. Suddenly, I didn’t feel like the college was right for me. I don’t want to invest my education in a place where there are bullies and headstrong people. It’s certainly no way to make a first-impression. I couldn’t imagine speaking to these people much less partner with them in projects. Although I’m well aware that there will be these types of people on every campus. I still feel and overwhelming aura of disrespect coming from the prospects of this school. For this reason, it’s dropping down on my college list. Outside of financials and education, environment is extremely important. I want a school that will make me feel comfortable and happy.

Chocolate is so good. Funny thing is, I never crave it until after the first bite. It’s a blessing and a curse because once I start, it’s pretty hard to stop. As the creamy texture melts in my house, I always will it to stay for longer. But I guess that’s part of chocolate’s appeal. It plays hard to get by leaving its sweet dancers on our tongue long after they leave.

Trivia crack was super popular 2 years ago. I’ve recently rediscovered it and I am once again obsessed with it. Besides the wonderful feeling of winning, I love how this game allows people to learn quick interesting facts. If a kid had to play a game, I would certainly stick this in their hands. However, it can be quite addicting. With limited lives, you’ll feel the longing for the clicking sound of the spinning wheel in no time.





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