Meal Prep – Crying – 30/30

I’ve decided to start meal prepping for both health and convenience reasons. I’ve never been one to limit what I eat. In fact, I exercise specifically so that I could eat whatever I want. However, nowadays, I find that I’m just much too busy. More often than not, I end up eating ramen instead of actual food which is so bad. I figure I might as well try out meal prepping before I head off to college. This week I plan on doing caesar salads. They’re not the most nutritious of salads, but they’re pretty accessible. Although I’m not setting up a budget, I’m not trying to burn a hole through my wallet either. I’m excited to start doing this. It would be nice to come home and have a meal 75% prepared and waiting for me.

One of my most recent dreams took place at the last day of school. I suppose for me, that would be graduation. For some reason, I kept crying. And I couldn’t stop crying. I seriously hope that actual graduation won’t be nearly as sad because it would suck to have mascara running down my face and have makeup tinting my white dress in photos.

Another app I’ve been getting back into is 30/30. It’s a timer app but I don’t usually use it for that function. Instead, I use it as if it were an alternating to-do list. I like this app specifically because you can manipulate your to-dos very easily. It’s simple enough to use and I feel that it makes me very productive. It creates a similar satisfaction to checking off to-dos in an agenda.




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