Accepted – Deferred – Rejected

With each passing year, college admissions gets more and more competitive. With the admission decisions comes joy, disappointment, and acceptance.

Accepted. The first words clue you in immediately. There is no need to sugarcoat an acceptance and so it starts with a big ol’ “Congratulations!” No matter the competitiveness of a college, an acceptance will still make you feel great. It feels like a heavy load has been lifted off your chest because suddenly, college is actually an option. It’s important to not just consider the ranking of a school when determining whether it’s the place for you. All acceptances are a blessing because there are always people who didn’t get into the school that you did.

Deferred. It’s the bittersweet of all decisions. You’re not accepted yet, chances of acceptance are slightly lower now. Yet you’re not rejected either. You could hold on to the hope that lady luck will come through or you can focus on the schools that have already accepted you. Unfortunately, deferrals are becoming more and more popular within colleges. They simply like having options. A lot of them don’t even reject students for early action. The worst part though, has to be the extra wait time. After months of anticipation, you have to once again, tune in your patience. That truly sucks.

Rejected. The extra sticky band-aid that rips our pieces of your heart and sanity. It’s official, you didn’t get in. It can feel like you’re not good enough for the school: not smart enough, not perfect enough, not adequate, inferior. This can hurt for a few moments, but things happen for a reason. Be honest with yourself: would you want to be at the bottom of the chain at your school or the top? Attend Harvard and struggle to maintain a passing GPA? Don’t set the bar too high or you might break an ankle on the way down.


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