Early Sunrise – Roommate – Involvement

I love a nice early sunrise because it signals for the approach of warmer weather and longer days. My bedroom faces the east, therefore I always catch the sunrise at full force – a blessing and a curse. I don’t sleep in in the summer because it’s impossibly hot in my room due to the extra light-heat. So I can get up nice and early and go for runs. It can be tough though, when I have long nights.

Graduation is just 4 months away which means college isn’t that far off either. In order to fully experience freshman year, I’ve opted to stay on campus. This whole process of trying to find a roommate is slightly frustrating and off-putting. The stereotypical self-describer will say that they “enjoy going out and having a good time, but school work is also very important”. Generic. And having a one-on-one conversation even over social media can be very awkward. I’m quite tempted to just let fate decide and having a random-draw for a roommate.

Going along with the college theme: one of the things I’m most excited for is getting involved as much as possible. I did heavy research of all the possibilities when I was accepted and I was so excited at the time. Whether it be to just make friends or to make a difference in my community, or to just better myself as a person. I want to explore and find out what I’m truly passionate about and maybe along the way, find out what I was meant for.


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