Hiking – Just Do It – Global Warming

Hiking is dangerous. Hiking is scary. Hiking is some vigorous physical activity.                         Hiking is exciting. Hiking is fun. Hiking is fulfilling afterwards.                                                       I feel so many mixed emotions when I think about hiking. But at the end of the day, I always do it. Really, it’s the beginning of the day. It’s real tiring. But with good company, I think it’s a good time. Recently I’ve been going while it’s been colder. I think I will drown in my own sweat if I go when it gets warmer.

Just do it. – Nike. I tell people this all the time. I even try to tell myself this. Just do it. Just get it over with. Simultaneously, my aching back and freeze-dried brain can’t handle “doing” anything more. For some reason, they feel like going to sleep when they’re sitting in a chair at a desk. But they feel like staying up when they’re in bed with their laptop. I love being productive and feeling like I’m not wasting time. But sometimes, I feel like I’ve been too productive, that I need to waste some time if I want to lead a normal life. Suddenly, I’m stuck in the same procratinator rut.

Global warming is real. Don’t be a dumb snowball holding jerk. If any point in life, there isn’t any more snowballs, then we would seriously be in trouble. That’s not to say this irregular weather pattern isn’t a major signal for some serious atmospheric threats. I believe I’ve truly experience all 4 seasons in one week last week. On Monday it was 70 degrees, and on Friday it snowed. If that’s not the earth screaming at us, I don’t know what is.


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